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Governing by Principles Book Cover
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There are lots of books and articles on governance in general, fewer focused on the Policy Governance® model originally developed by John Carver.

Those focused on Policy Governance provide a wealth of general and specific information for boards wishing to become more effective as well as providing methods and options for transforming their governance. We want to provide our readers with the knowledge to create effective and achievable governance using Policy Governance as your framework.

After many years of studying and consulting in the model, we recognize two specific insights. We believe that these insights are not fully addressed in the literature up to this point:

1. To really understand and maximize the system's benefits, a board must deeply understand the principles of the system, the implications of those principles and their 1+1=5 synergy when used as a set.

2. For a governing board to sustain this particular system, it needs to own it. It must become the board's, through ongoing study and diligence. It must become the board's culture, not just its governing system.

Our goal in this book is to bring Policy Governance boards to a level of expertise such that their governance is self-sustaining through learning deeply about the principles, their implications, and their impact as a synergistic set. In the best case, boards will no longer just understand this model as a system; they will understand and apply it because these principles are integral to their culture.

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